About DIVE+

DIVE+, the innovative simulator that combines virtual reality and environmental simulation in a disruptive way. For example, sun rays, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, moving wind and, in the near future, sounds can be experienced authentically and highly immersively.

With DIVE+, both hyper-realistic and abstract virtual scenarios can be implemented in a real, tangible way. It can be used, for example, in the areas of gaming, communicating climate change, employee retention, psychotherapy, wellness, urban planning, sports, science or learning in an unprecedented quality and variety. The highly immersive immersion in a game or simulation environment, the innovative treatment of mental illnesses, support for deeper learning or, for example, a real-looking "relaxing jog on Scotland's coasts" integrated into everyday work can be experienced.

Possible scenarios of climate change can be experienced up close in advance and remote places in distant countries can be explored virtually and realistically. Thus, DIVE+ can also make a valuable contribution to the development of a future-oriented and sustainable global community.

In the future, DIVE+ will make it possible to move about in a variety of ways in a virtual world. Whether jogging, biking, hiking or even flying through the air on a broom: DIVE + will be the platform for revolutionary VR experiences.

The innovative coupling of VR and microclimatic simulation enables a comprehensive range of application areas and uses:


DIVE+ offers maximum immersion increase: How does it feel when I approach a fire in a game; how do I feel when a gust of wind hits me when I open a door; the sun burns my skin in the desert; the wind rushes around my ears when cruising on the Amazon or I start sweating in a hot place? Since all parameters can be adjusted and assigned independently of each other, DIVE+ offers maximum and previously unknown VR gaming experience.

Climate change

Upcoming effects can be experienced in advance. Future temperature increases at a specific location can be experienced in advance by considering statistical downscaling data: How would staying at this specific location feel in the future with global warming of 2°C or even 3°C? Would you still want to visit this place on a typical summer day? What tangible effect would adaptation measures have? With DIVE+ it is possible to experience all this in advance.

Sport | Wellness | Recreation

My personal workout or my wellness program becomes a completely new, unprecedented experience: Whether yoga in spring on a flowery meadow or a bike tour in the Andes, whether between office hours or at the weekend. DIVE+ takes me to the place where I want to do my sports or wellness program in a matter of seconds. As a workplace recreation opportunity, DIVE+ can be a part of successful employee retention. Maximum experience and 100% immersion are guaranteed.


Planned construction projects can be compared in advance: How would a place feel? How would one experience this if all facades were green, there was a water basin or there were greenery with large trees? With DIVE+, the comparison and evaluation of different measures can be experienced in real life in advance and can therefore be evaluated more comprehensively.


Anxiety disorders or other mental illnesses: Due to the high level of immersion, DIVE+ can be used profitably in VR-supported and therefore safe, anonymous, ethical, individualisable, controllable and plannable psychotherapeutic offers.

Deeper learning and Science

In this area, which will become increasingly important in the future, DIVE+ can provide optimal support: In the future, knowledge acquisition and creative problem-solving can not only be experienced haptically and visually, but can also be perceived with additional sensory experiences. This offers a wide range of advantages and future prospects, especially in project-oriented and research-based learning.